2020 left many of us, including some of our staff from Copper and Tweed, working from home. Very suddenly, it seemed, we were left wondering how to turn the corner of our guest bedroom or the nook in our living room into a functional home office that lent us both the stability and serenity we desperately needed in an unpredictable time. For those of you who are still working to create their ideal work from home set-up, here are my top tips for creating an optimal workspace:

First, create a dedicated space. Now, I know not all of us are in a position to have an extra room at our disposal for a home office. Instead, find a nook in your living room or corner in your bedroom and set about carving out a space for yourself that is practical and attractive. If you have the option, choose a space that basks in natural light during the day—this will improve your productivity. For me, a space that is just for working helps me to set boundaries between my work and home life in a time when it’s hard to differentiate between the two.

Second, start with the most important pieces. The first things you’ll want to procure are a writing desk and chair. Look for furnishings that fit your specific needs. Do you need a desk with space for a large computer set up? Or like me, is an L-shaped desk that allows computer work on one side and paperwork on the other the best option for you?  Copper and Tweed offers a variety of beautiful, modern writing desks, including those from our Trey collection, that will inspire creativity and productivity while providing essential storage and organization options. Don’t forget about an ergonomic chair. Pick something comfortable enough to save your back and neck but not so comfortable you find yourself dozing off during a long Zoom meeting.

Next, add some personality! Research shows that when workers personalize their desk space, it leads to increased productivity and happiness. Now that we’re working at home, we have more personalization options available to us. Once you’ve set up your essentials, lay a small, cozy rug, hang art or photos, set up additional lighting, and add a small air-purifying plant. Take this opportunity to shop your own home; work with what you have. It’s important that your space feels comfortable and attractive so you’ll feel more confident and focused.

Last, consider your storage needs. Nothing makes me feel less motivated to work than coming to my desk in the morning and finding piles of unorganized invoices, catalogs, and design plans. Luckily, there is a multitude of office organization options depending on your needs and available space. Consider simple desktop organizers or in-drawer organizers if your work is mostly paperless. If you have (and need) the space, add another storage piece—a bookshelf or a credenza might be just right. If that’s still not enough, move vertically. Shelves, cork boards, or peg rails will provide even more space for books, important papers, and accessories. Such organization will keep you professional even if your kids are wreaking havoc a mere ten feet away.

Regardless of what job you’re doing or what kind of space you’re working with, remember to give yourself grace (even if you’ve already killed your desk plant). Working from home, especially in the middle of a worldwide pandemic is no easy feat; however, creating a space that inspires you can give you the hope and confidence to move forward and make things happen.

December 20, 2020 — Kristin Calderon

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