What to Put on an Ottoman Tray

In the world of home decor, an ottoman tray serves as a stylish and functional accessory, offering both aesthetic appeal and practicality. At Copper & Tweed, we understand the importance of details in interior design, and how a well-styled ottoman tray can elevate the look of any living space. When it comes to deciding what to put on an ottoman tray, the options are as varied as they are exciting.

First and foremost, it’s essential to consider the role of your ottoman in your living space. Is it primarily a decorative piece, a functional surface for everyday items, or perhaps a combination of both? Understanding this will guide your choices in styling the tray. For those who use their ottoman as a centerpiece in the living room, the tray can serve as a platform for items that enhance the room's aesthetic. Conversely, if your ottoman is a hub for daily activity, practicality might steer your selections.

When selecting items for your ottoman tray, start with something large and visually striking, which will serve as the anchor of your arrangement. This could be a vase of fresh flowers, a large candle, or an eye-catching sculpture. This central piece sets the tone for the rest of the items and provides a focal point around which to arrange smaller, complementary objects.

Books are a popular choice for an ottoman tray, and for good reason. They offer both form and function, adding a touch of sophistication while also providing entertainment or conversation starters for guests. Choose books with attractive covers that match your room's color scheme or that reflect your personal interests, adding a layer of personality to the space.

Consider also incorporating elements of nature. A small plant, a bowl of stones, or a piece of driftwood can bring an organic touch to your living room, creating a sense of calm and connection to the outdoors. These natural elements can contrast beautifully with more modern items, creating a visually interesting display.

Don't forget about the practical items. Coasters, a small bowl for snacks, or a decorative box to store remote controls can be both functional and stylish. These items ensure that your ottoman tray is not just a decorative piece but also serves a purpose in your daily life.

Lastly, think about texture and color. Mixing textures, such as metal, glass, and fabric, can add depth to your arrangement. Similarly, playing with color, whether it's through a consistent palette or by adding pops of contrast, can bring your ottoman tray to life. The key is to create a balance that is pleasing to the eye and aligns with the overall design of the room.

In conclusion, styling an ottoman tray is an opportunity to showcase your personal style and enhance the look and feel of your living space. By carefully selecting items that are both beautiful and practical, you can create a display that is uniquely yours. At Copper & Tweed, we believe that your home should be a reflection of who you are, and a well-styled ottoman tray is just one way to express your individuality and taste. Remember, the beauty of home decor is in the details, and even a small element like an ottoman tray can make a big impact.

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January 12, 2024 — C&T Team

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