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Four Hands Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are considered an essential piece of furniture in many living rooms and dens. When searching for the right one, Four Hands has become renowned as the brand with the best coffee tables to offer. They are usually built such that the top of the table is level with the seat cushions of the surrounding couches and chairs, and it serves as a convenient spot to offer visitors coffee or tea. Similar tables are also a fantastic way to provide a place to set a beverage and a book when resting it out in your living space.

While the conventional coffee table is short and rectangular, there are a variety of forms and expanded purposes available in today's home décor trends.

How To Choose A Coffee Table

Whatever your goal, there are certain fundamental principles and standards to follow when purchasing a coffee table. The first rule of thumb is to keep your coffee table at the same or slightly lower height as your couch or sofa seat. It visually draws attention away from the couch. Furthermore, styling will be difficult because the coffee table will be high.
As a result, everything you place on top of it may seem crowded or will restrict your vision from a sitting posture.

Finding new inspiration with hundreds of perfectly styled designs for the living room that you will love this summer, has never been easier.

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The best part about Four Hands is that you can pair their coffee tables with Four Hands Sofas and Four Hands Chairs for a well rounded aesthetic.

Four Hands: A Store with top trending styles

Coffee tables are available in a variety of styles. Four Hands has hundreds of perfectly styled designs and you can explore our extensive range of products from retailers across the country.

These sets are often meant to fit into various decorating styles, while some end table and coffee table sets are expressly targeted toward either classic or modern design.

The coffee table can be made of various materials, including wood, metal, and even hard plastic.
While the primary purpose of a coffee table is to provide a handy surface for those lounging on the sofa, it is not uncommon for the table to also be constructed to allow for storage.

Some types have compartments or drawers beneath the surface, while others have a basic shelf layout.
Several manufacturers provide hinged top coffee tables that allow the tabletop to be moved to various heights.

This enables the table to function as a low table for coffee or tea and a higher table that is the perfect height for establishing a quiet location to enjoy a meal.
A variety of gadgets have been used as coffee tables in recent years. Designers frequently employ these options to either add a touch of whimsy to a space or provide the homeowner with more storage within the area.

Four Hands Range of Product Styles

Decorative Coffee Tables

The coffee table has grown from its humble beginnings as a little wooden table to one that comes in an infinite variety of sizes, styles, and uses over the years.

In recent years, coffee tables have taken on the extra function of becoming beautiful furniture elements for living rooms. As a result, coffee tables have evolved alongside sitting/living room furniture.

Coffee tables that fit nicely in a trendy, cosmopolitan modern atmosphere are not uncommon these days. It is more vital than ever to ensure that your coffee table suits the interior design.

Recreational Coffee Tables

Before the invention of television, people occasionally used coffee tables to store playing cards, puzzle pieces, and other items.
That traditional function still exists now. Enjoy sitting in your living room playing board games, cards, and puzzles around a Four Hands table during a Games Night.

Magazine Stand

The top of most coffee tables today, similar to reading desks, serves as a temporary place to put not only your cup of coffee while watching TV.

You can combine functionality with decor by keeping magazines and books you are currently reading and just about anything else you need to release to free your hands temporarily.

While the most popular use for coffee tables is arguably the original, to temporarily place your cup of coffee or tea, they also work well as a type of magazine stand/gadgets space.

Work Station

Coffee tables are now intended to function as workbenches as well. They give a level and durable surface on which you may not only place your coffee utensils but also lay out your papers, conduct your child's schoolwork, work on documents, or work on your laptop. Similarly, a stronger coffee table might be used as a tooling surface for repairing or installing an appliance.